The 16 hectare estate is comprised of some of the most famous 'Crus' in the region. Meursault, Puligny and Montrachet are planted with Chardonnay, and Volnay and Monthélie with Pinot Noir.

Appellation legislation stipulates a high density of plantation, therefore all vines are planted 1m x 1m apart, i.e.10,000 plants per hectare.

The main rootstock used is 3309 and 161-49, a few parcels are grafted onto SO4.

The average age of the vines is high (32 years old), and a large number are mass selected (a visual selection of the most robust vineplants) from our older vine-plants. We replant at a rate of approximately 0.25 ha every two years retaining the older vines which are still in good condition. For these plantations we either select cloned vines (a minimum of 5 different clones per parcel), or mass select from our old vines.

When the vines were reclaimed, the emphasis was immediately placed on vine-growing that was respectful of the environment. We therefore, abandoned using weedkiller in 1992 and now all our vineyards are ploughed. We applied for an organic farming certificate in 1995 and following a three year conversion period it was granted in 1998.
Simultaneously, we began biodynamic trials on 3 ha from 1995 to 1998 which convinced us to adopt the technique throughout the estate from 1998.
We do not use fertilizer but compost made in a combined effort with other wine-growers.

We mainly use the 'Guyot' method of pruning with a lesser proportion of 'Cordon de Royat'.

In springtime, the vines are meticulously de-budded, restricting the number of canes to the minimum in order to produce wines of high quality.
The canes are then tied up taking care to spread each one along the trellis to avoid any overcrowding of vegetation. This usually involves passing through the vines three times, carefully monitoring budding along the way.

The grapes are harvested manually after numerous checks for maturity. An initial selection is made on the vine by the pickers in order to eliminate any grey rot and under-ripe berries.. Further sorting follows in the winery when necessary. The aim is to vinify only healthy and ripe grapes.