Two parcels, one of 2 'ouvrées' (856 sq m) situated at the south of the appellation in the 'Perrières-Dessous' and fairly young, and the other of 16 'ouvrées', also in the Perrières-Dessous but the first parcel at the north of the appellation.

Facing south east, these vines mature very early but with an irregular yield, (30 to 45 hl/ha). Less soil though whiter and with considerable limestone and marl over a subsoil of flaky slabs of limestone.

It produces very powerful wines with a specific mineral flavour typical of this 'terroir'. Elegant and mineral sensations dominate whilst very long on the palate.

A third small parcell (14 ares) has been bought in 2004, first harvest in 2010.

Appellation Meursault Perrières Premier Cru
Parcel Les Perrières Dessous
Exposure East / South-east
Surface area 0.77 ha
Gradient 10 to 16%
Plantation dates 1955 (87%) and 1983 (13%)
Rootstock 161-49 (1955 vines) and SO4 (1983 vines)
Graft Mass selection (1955 vines) and clones (1983 vines)

Appellation Meursault Perrières Premier Cru
Parcel Perrières Dessus dite "Perrières Ginette"
Exposition Est / Sud-Est
Surface 14 ares
Pente 22 %
Plantation dates unknown
Rootstock 161-49?
Graft unknown