A good parcel of just over a hectare, situated on the slope behind the village. Good soil depth, red and stony at the bottom, whiter near the top. Facing east and in the combe opening out to the north, it is later in ripening (the equivalent of the Côte de Nuits), frequently the last parcel to be harvested on the estate. A third of the parcel was planted in 1975 onto 161-49, the remainder was planted in 1986, half onto 3309 (the lower part), and half onto 161-49, using the traditional clones of that time: 113, 114 and 115.

The wines are robust and more rustic and have a pronounced black cherry aroma.

Appellation Monthélie-les-Duresses Premier Cru
Parcel Les Duresses
Exposure East
Surface area 1.06 ha
Gradient 2 to 5 %
Plantation dates 1975, 1986 and 1996
Rootstock 161-49 and 3309
Graft clones