Two sections, 1/3 young and 2/3 old. Situated in the Genevrières-Dessus, practically next to the Perrières parcel facing due east. The yields are also rather irregular for older vines, (25 to 40 hl/ha), better for the younger vines, (45 to 55 hl/ha). The soil is poor and light, the wines produced have great finesse, with a roundness characteristic of Meursault.

The old vines have become more vigorous since conversion to biodynamics.

Appellation Meursault Genevrières Premier Cru
Parcel Les Genevrières Dessus
Exposure East
Surface area 0.55 ha
Gradient 15%
Plantation dates 1946 (2/3) and 1993 (1/3)
Rootstock 161-49
Graft Mass selection (1946 vines) and clones (1993 vines)