A small parcel of 0.43 ha planted in 'Les Petures'. The name 'Desirée' comes from an old cadastral name, discontinued since 1973. The use of the name Desirée is permitted since the Estate produced wine labelled 'Désirée' at the end of the 19th century.

This is redder, clay soil, not very deep, facing east and very early to reach maturity. It is well suited to the Pinot Noir which explains why most of the Petures is planted with red and produces Volnay Santenots.

The wine produced here, with Chardonnay is atypical, but rich, tender when young and with a marked seductive, exotic aroma. It is tends to be consumed younger when it is more fruity but can never-the-less be kept for many years.

Appellation Meursault
Parcel Les Petures (or Plures)
Exposure East
Surface area 45 ares

0 to 2%

Plantation date 2008
Rootstock 161-49
Graft Mass selection (60%) and clones (40%)