This parcel was planted in three different stages, the oldest by Auguste Morey, the next by Pierre Morey and the third by Dominique Lafon.

Very well situated in the upper part of 'Les Charmes', the last vines at the south of the appellation next to ' Puligny Combettes'. It faces due east, is relatively deep clay and limestone (argilo-calcaire) with very crumbly rock deep down. The grapes ripen well and the wines are always powerful though never falling into the heavy wine bracket. Production is even, between 40 and 50 hl, accidents excepted

Appellation Meursault Charmes Premier Cru
Parcel Charmes du Dessus
Exposure East
Surface area 1 ha 71 ares
Gradient 0 à1%
Plantation dates 1946, 1963, 1996
Rootstock 161-49
Graft Mass selection and clones (CL 117, 95, 119, 124, 548)