Volnay Champans

Half a hectare north of 'Les Santenots', just below the village of Volnay. The soil is much lighter with small stones then deeper soil above flaky limestone rock. The parcel drains well on a slight slope facing east. Two plantations, one from 1922 (two thirds of the parcel) form the oldest vineyard on the estate. We have mass selected some of the vine-stock to plant out in other parcels. The remaining third was planted in1989, half with fine clones and half with mass selected vine-stock from the old vines.

This 'terroir' matures early and regularly produces very ripe grapes. The wines are aromatic (rich in black fruit) dense and less tannic than the 'Santenots'. These wines are good for laying down but are nevertheless pleasant when younger.

Appellation Volnay Champans Premier Cru
Parcel En Champans
Exposure East
Surface area 52 ares
Gradient 2 to 5 %
Plantation dates 1922 and 1989
Rootstock 161-49
Graft Mass selection, clones (1989)